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What We Do

Investing in student success

The Five Star Education Foundation has supported students in the Adams 12 Five Star Schools for over 30 years. Through our partnership with the district and community we support programs that provide students with the skills and experiences needed to succeed in today’s world.

Our Values


We prepare all students for a variety of opportunities after high school, ranging from post-secondary education to directly entering the workforce.


We fund programs that provide students with skills and unique experiences, preparing students for success upon graduation.


We connect students with people and experiences that provide a network for future success.


We create alignment between the district, government, and businesses for the best interest of Adams 12 students.


We expose students to a variety of opportunities beyond high school, encouraging internal motivation to remain engaged and invested in their future.

Our giving goals

Our Giving Goal

We believe that every student from every school in the Adams 12 Five Star District deserves to gain the skills needed to succeed in life, no matter what future path he or she takes.

Our goal is to provide annual support of $500,000 for innovative projects that support this effort for every student in the district.

With a laser focus on preparing students for success in today’s world, the Five Star Education Foundation has increased its giving every year for 3 years and supported successful programs with proven impact. We seek to increase our giving and exponentially expand our impact. To date, we have awarded over $750,000 in grants!